Which is Best For IELTS – British Council Or IDP?

British Council or IDP - Which is best for IELTS?

British Council or IDP - Which is best for IELTS?

It is a routine question for us that is asked by the students who scored band 8 at the time of booking the test date “British Council or IDP? ” There is a big myth that is very much prevalent in the society about “British Council or IDP – Which is best for IELTS?”

Many times we find most students get confused at the time of registering themselves for the IELTS test. They get stuck to choose the best option between the British Council and IDP for booking their test date. To get the answer please read the information given below very carefully.

IELTS is jointly owned by three bodies:

Cambridge Assessment English, British Council, and IDP.

The role of Cambridge Assessment English is to compile the IELTS tests. Whereas, British Council and IDP are responsible to conduct it.

British Council or IDP - Which is best for IELTS?

British Council or IDP (International Development Program)

The marking criteria of the IELTS test at the British Council or IDP are the same and they provide the same certificate. The examiners of both the organizations are crossed checked at regular intervals for their marking patterns and it is ensured that they are not marking too high or too low.

IDP is Australian while British Council is British. However, both use a variety of accents. In the Listening section, the audio that is played could be in any accent, and in the same way, the examiner of the speaking test may come from any English speaking country and may have an accent the country to which he belongs. While speaking in front of the examiner you can use the accent you are comfortable with. The few factors that you can consider before registering for the IELTS test are the location of the test center from your place and the test dates.

You want to feel fresh before appearing for the test so always choose a test center that is in a convenient location from your place of stay. The test dates differ between IDP and British council so you have got options to choose the date you want to write down the examination. In addition to this, the IELTS test is always conducted in a hotel, so students coming by their own vehicles can park their vehicles on the hotel’s premises.

The only difference that you might encounter at the time of registration is the number of IDP Test Centers is more than the number of British Council Test Centers and the result is that students get more options for dates when registering with IDP. The bottom line is, you need to focus on the preparation rather than choosing between IDP and British Council. The ambiance of the test centers, examination halls, and overall infrastructures provided by both the bodies remain similar. Therefore you can book your test either through the IDP or British Council.

As far as the validity of the IELTS score card is concerned; it is of 2 years whether students give the test from the British Council or IDP. Sometimes students feel that the computer-delivered test is easier than the paper-based test. This is a big myth! It is not possible when the test format, question types, time allocated to each test part, and the content for both the computer-delivered test and the paper-based test is the same. Students who are are tech-savvy might prefer to take IELTS on a computer through British Council or IDP. But, it could be quite dangerous for students having less computer knowledge and poor typing skills because the chances of finishing the test in time will be very low, thereby resulting in a low band in the IELTS test.

The examiners of the British Council or IDP get the same level of training.

Overall, it means that you will get the same test and will not find any difference in marking criteria whether you take the test by booking it through the British Council or IDP.

For more details feel free to contact:  Go Abroad Training Institute

How To Score Band 8 in IELTS?

How to score band 8 in IELTS?

How to score Band 8 in the IELTS test?

How to score band 8 in IELTS?

How to score band 8 in IELTS? Do you know the meaning of band? Do you know the total band in the IELTS test? So in simple words, “band” is a term used with your IELTS score. The IELTS band score range from band 1 to band 9. The total band in the IELTS test is 9. The band scale to test the proficiency level in IELTS starts from 1 (Non-User) to 9(Expert User). The biggest threat to students is “How to score band 8 in IELTS?” Scoring 8 band out of 9 in the IELTS test in a single attempt is a challenging task for most people willing to immigrate to countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and so on. To overcome this challenge, students work hard to score an excellent band for making their dreams come true. Some of the students prefer to take help from family and friends, some of them opt to study from e-books, and some take online pre-recorded sessions. Even after the sincere efforts for the IELTS preparation from the above-mentioned methods the students are unable to score a good band. But, the online live classes provided by IELTS Educator are quite different. Here you will learn “How to score band 8 in IELTS?” When the student enrolls themselves at IELTS Educator their skills and qualities are assessed by the trainer in the first session. Keeping in mind all the qualities of students, the trainer conducts IELTS classes and teaches the students on the basis of their strengths and weak points in the English language. The trainer starts the IELTS training with the reading module and gives them tips and tricks to answer the questions asked in the IELTS reading passages. When the students become comfortable with the reading module then the trainer move ahead with other modules like writing, speaking, and listening.  

How to score Band 8 in the IELTS test?

How to score band 8 in IELTS?

Most of the students are unaware of the basic trick that scoring 8 bands in IELTS in a single attempt is only possible when they answer the questions that match the expectations of the examiner. IELTS educator maintains a good record of students who have received band 8 scores in IELTS General Training, that too, in a single attempt. As far as IELTS Academic scores are concerned many of the students have scored band 7.5 and successfully got admissions in reputed universities in countries like Canada, the UK,  the US, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland,     and so on. For providing admission services to aspiring students Go Abroad Training Institute plays a major role as an overseas education consultant. Go Abroad Training Institute also plays a vital role in filing the permanent residency application of its candidates. IELTS Educator is a great platform created by Go Abroad Training Institute, especially for IELTS preparation. It is the best IELTS coaching center in India. IELTS Educator is renowned worldwide for IELTS coaching because students from all across the globe have taken IELTS coaching from IELTS Educator. All our students are fully convinced and satisfied with the level of preparation provided by the top-class faculty members with unlimited assistance. When they complete their IELTS coaching they ultimately learn “How to score band 8 in IELTS?” 

How to score Band 8 in the IELTS test?

As soon as the students start scoring 8+ band in mock tests on a regular basis, Go Abroad Training Institute registers them for IELTS Test because it is the authorized registration center for IELTS British Council. Students can also register for the IELTS Test through IDP Education. So in the end, it should be noted that “How to score band 8 in IELTS?” in a single attempt could become quite easy if the students follow all the instructions provided by the instructor during the IELTS coaching for all the four modules of the IELTS test.

How to score Band 8 in IELTS?

It is a dream of every student to achieve a maximum score in the IELTS test. Most of them are very anxious to score band 8 but they do not know the exact technique about “How to score Band 8 in IELTS?” Scoring Band 8 in IELTS basically means answering 89% of the questions correctly. There are certain skills you need to focus on to achieve Band 8 in your overall IELTS test. Reading does not only involve answering the questions in the right way but to understand vocabulary. You need to read some passages with complex sentences that consist of high intermediate vocabulary. If your English vocabulary is not very good then you will face difficulty in Reading section since the passages may confuse you and slow you down. To ensure that our student become perfect with the vocabulary IELTS Educator helps students to learn vocabulary building techniques during the IELTS coaching. You must have strong grammatical sense to score Band 8 in your IELTS test. A better understanding of English grammar will be helpful in Reading, Listening, and Writing sections. The Writing and Speaking sections may not be easy for a person whose second language is English but an intense preparation for the IELTS test will make it happen.

Students who score excellent band are aware of the fact that a specific set of vocabulary or specific grammatical sentences are not sufficient to achieve high scores. The combination of perfect vocabulary and grammar increase the chances of attempting the exam with no hindrance. If you get lost in “World of Words” then it would become very difficult to finish the test in time. Always try to understand the context since it would help you out in answering the questions correctly. Avoid repetitions of words or sentences in Speaking and Writing. The test takers who have scored Band 8 share their experiences where they say “Pronouncing the words correctly and quickly going through the reading passages are key features while giving the test”. Mastering in one module can never let you score Band 8 overall therefore you need to pay attentions to all the sections since they are all of equal importance and will be of great help in finding the solutions for “How to score Band 8 in IELTS?”

What is the difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training?

IELTS Academic & General Training

Difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training

Most IELTS aspiring candidates get puzzled and get stuck to find out the difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training, and for which type of IELTS test they have to appear for going abroad. Today we will discuss the main difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. There is a vast difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The total modules in the IELTS test consist of four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. You will notice a major difference between Academic and General Training tests when you compare the content and patterns of the IELTS Reading and Writing tests. For example, the content in the Academic test comprises of topics suitable for anyone taking admission to the university, college, or professional institutions. Whereas, the content of the General Training test has common topics based on general interest. As far as IELTS Listening and Speaking tests are concerned there is no difference whether you give IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training test.  

IELTS Academic & General Training

IELTS – Reading Test

The duration of the IELTS Academic Reading Test is of 60 minutes. It has 3 long passages. These passages are taken from newspapers, journals, books, and magazines. Students do not need to be a subject expert while appearing for test because these passages are selected for a non-specialist test taker.

The time duration for the IELTS General Training Reading test is one hour. It comprises of 3 sections. Section-1 may contain two or three short passages or several shorter texts. Then, Section-2 consist of two passages. Lastly, in Section 3, there is one long passage. The passages are usually taken from notices or advertisements. Also, it may have passages from books and newspapers, official documents, and company handbooks.

IELTS Writing Test

The IELTS Academic Writing test is very formal. The test contains two tasks. In the first task, students are asked to describe a diagram,  table, or chart. The students have to explain it in a minimum of 150 words. Subsequently, in the second task, students are asked to write a short Essay which should have a minimum of 250 words.

For the IELTS General Training Writing test, in task-1 students need to write a letter (formal/informal) which should be 150 words minimum. In task-2 students are asked to write a short essay which should be 250 words minimum. Similar to the Reading test, the IELTS Writing test duration is also 60 minutes.

IELTS Listening & Speaking Test are the same for both; IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training - IELTS Educator

IELTS Educator is playing a vital role to give students intensive training about both models of the IELTS test, that is, IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Students get detailed information about the test pattern, types of questions, and the exact way to give the answers to score an excellent band 8 in a single attempt. As soon as the students start scoring excellent band in the mock test at the center, Go Abroad Training Institute register them for the IELTS test. Go Abroad Training Institute is the authorized registration center for the IELTS British Council. Students can also get themselves registered through IDP Education.

The most important factor that students must keep in mind is to understand the test format of IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Understanding the test pattern is the gateway to qualify IELTS test with a high band. IELTS preparation may take months of serious practice and hard work. Students, whether preparing for IELTS General or IELTS Academic, need to have the same approach. Every day you need to practice for at least an hour, because just practicing the test papers and having good reading and writing skills are not enough to get through the test. As previously discussed the content, particularly in the reading section of IELTS Academic is taken from the textbooks, journals and newspapers whereas the content for general IELTS is taken from the advertisements, notices, guidebooks and practical issues that working professionals encounter in daily life. So, it means practical knowledge is also important to solve the IELTS test questions. 

There has always been a debate about IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training among the test takers that which test between the two is easier. Many students start speculating and comparing both types of tests. However, in our opinion comparing both the examinations would be unfair because the time, energy, and skill set required for both the test remain the same. The only significant factor that differentiates both the test is the scoring pattern. For instance, you score 30 answers correct out of total 40 in the reading section of IELTS General , your final  score sums up to 6.0 Band but If you score the same 30/40 in IELTS General, your final score would be 5.0. Does that make a difference? “Off course it does. The IELTS General is said to be less challenging, however, the marking is not lenient. Therefore, the main focus of the students should be on preparing for the test in the best way possible.

Best IELTS Coaching Center In India

Best IELTS Coaching Center in India

Best IELTS Coaching Center in India

IELTS scores are the mandatory requirement that is required by many students or individuals who are planning to go abroad for higher education, permanent residency, or work permit. For scoring the required band in the IELTS test they search online and offline and they even discuss a lot with family and friends but most of the time they fail to score well. So, here comes the role of IELTS Educator. It is the best IELTS coaching center in India. IELTS Educator is a unique platform created by Go Abroad Training Institute. It started its journey from Kanpur and currently delivering IELTS classes all over the world. IELTS Educator is the Best IELTS Coaching Center in India for sure success in the IELTS test. IELTS Educator is providing online and offline IELTS classes for students willing to go abroad for higher education. IELTS Educator is the best IELTS coaching center in India and has assisted thousands of students across the world in securing the excellent band in IELTS. The trainers provide students all the required skills;  that is, tips and tricks, used in the IELTS test.

Our preparation materials and mock tests follow the same pattern that comes in the real tests. We use hi-tech headphones to ensure students do not face difficulty while preparing for the listening test. We vouchsafe our students to prepare for the test in a silent classroom. A professional is always available in the institute to supervise the students. As the best IELTS coaching center in India, we are committed to providing an inclusive environment for students who join us. We offer practice tests as well as rigorous training sessions till we see our students have achieved the level of excellence. We allow our students to gain hands-on experience.

Whether you are an amateur in English or a fluent English speaker we start the training from the very basic exercises. The students are made familiar with different types of ‘Accents’ throughout their preparations. IELTS Educator is considered as the best IELTS coaching center in India because not only material for Reading skill is given, but also ways to enhance your reading skills are preached. Writing is considered to be a difficult part of the entire examination, however, we specialize in the ‘Writing’ module where students would learn to write in more organized ways. We have expertise in ‘speaking‘. Here we make sure our students have become more confident before appearing for the actual speaking test.

Best IELTS Coaching Center In India

One of the most renowned centers for IELTS test preparation in India is IELTS Educator and it is the first choice of students for IELTS preparation. The study material and teaching pattern of IELTS Educator is very unique. Students get detailed information about the IELTS course and the test patterns. The trainer focuses on clearing the concept of each module of IELTS. They start with basic English exercises and gradually move on to IELTS sample exercises and then after the test materials.

Best IELTS Coaching Center in India

Best IELTS Coaching Center In India - IELTS Educator

IELTS Educator is the best IELTS coaching center in India having an excellent team of experts providing the best IELTS coaching to the students looking forward to studying or work abroad. The IELTS trainers team focuses on each module of the IELTS test (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). As soon as the students start scoring 8 band or 8.5 band in the mock test at the coaching center; the IELTS Educator team book the test date for them. IELTS Educator is one of the best IELTS coaching centers in India created by Go Abroad Training Institute for IELTS preparation. Go Abroad Training Institute is the authorized registration center for IELTS British Council and this is of great advantage for the students because the student can easily select the IELTS test date according to their convenience and get themselves registered. Students can also register themselves for IELTS Test through IDP Education

Students who are weak in English get the biggest advantage of unlimited assistance at IELTS Educator. They get the basic guidance and support for the English language and ultimately they start performing well in the IELTS preparation without paying any additional tuition fee. All these special services distinguish IELTS Educator as a unique and the Top IELTS coaching institute in India.

What is IELTS?

What is IELTS?

What is IELTS?

IELTS is known as the International English Language Testing System”. It is a special test designed to check the English language proficiency of an individual. It is accepted by more than 145 countries and over 10,000 organizations all around the globe. IELTS is mainly a testing tool for English and a true indicator of English-language skills that an individual possesses. IELTS scorecard helps to assess the English-language proficiency skills through its four modules, that is, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The overall band in the IELTS test is 9. The band scale in IELTS starts from 1 (Non-User) to 9 (Expert User). So when it comes to “What is IELTS?”. The answer is IELTS gives an accurate level of English language proficiency. There are two official bodies that conduct the IELTS test in India; that is, the British Council and IDP Education.

If still, you have doubts about “What is IELTS?” so you should get aware that IELTS is in high demand from educational institutions to employers as well as in government and professional bodies. IELTS score is required to apply to universities and colleges all around the globe. Countries like Canada, Australia, the UK,  the US, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and so on accept IELTS as proof of English-language skills. Anybody willing to work or want to migrate to an English-speaking country needs to score the required band of IELTS General Training. IELTS is required in some English-speaking countries for professional registration in occupations like nursing and teaching.  

IELTS Accepted Globally

Still Confused - What is IELTS?

What is IELTS? The IELTS test score is a mandatory requirement for students planning to study in higher education or any individual seeking professional registration in occupations like teaching and nursing. They need to take an IELTS Academic test. The IELTS entry requirements vary from universities and colleges to training institutions, industrial and professional organizations, immigration agencies, and government departments. These organizations have set-up their own standards of a minimum band score for qualifying the application process. IELTS Educator is one of the best IELTS Coaching Center in India providing honest guidance and support to every aspiring student preparing for the IELTS test. It is a unique platform developed by Go Abroad Training Institute which is the authorized registration center for IELTS British Council. The minimum band score needed to study or work or to migrate to a country may differ; for that, you need to check the IELTS band score requirements before appearing for the IELTS test. Now I am pretty much sure that now you must have a clear idea about “What is IELTS?” and you can explain it to others very well.

What is IELTS? IELTS test score plays a crucial role in the application procedures of overseas students, job seekers, and people who are willing to apply for the Permanent residencies of certain countries. An ideal score in the IELTS test decides the academic and professional future of the applicant in a foreign land. The public/private colleges and the universities at all levels take the final IELTS score into consideration before offering admission letters. The students must fulfill the basic criteria by scoring minimum bands in each module. The students have to attempt and score the required band in the ‘IELTS Academic’ test in order to attain admissions in respective colleges and universities.

On the other hand, the professionals who are planning to get jobs in their fields of study must prepare well for the ‘IELTS General’ test and check with the foreign country’s score criteria to score maximum bands. A similar procedure must be followed by the applicants applying for permanent residency in a foreign country. The applicants scoring high are more likely to get selected than the applicants scoring low. Therefore, rigorous test practice is recommended by experts

What is IELTS? What is IELTS Test Center's Environment?

What is IELTS? The IELTS test is said to be the only exam that keeps you occupied throughout the duration of the test. On the test day, when you arrive at your test center, look for the IELTS counter, you will see a team of professionals welcoming candidates and helping them to reach the registration counter. Registration of the candidate is the first step before writing the test. The passport of the candidate is scanned there and they have to submit their belongings before entering the examination hall. You might meet people from different age groups which could even surprise you that age is no bar when you plan to move to a foreign country. 

Listening, Reading, and writing test is conducted on the same day however, the speaking test is always scheduled on a different day and venue.  Optimum distances are maintained between the rows so “Cheating” or “Peeping” into other’s sheets is not possible. Stationery is provided within the hall itself but you can always carry your own supplies. The duration of the exam is 3 hours (Listening – 30 minutes, Reading – 60 Minutes, and Writing – 60 minutes). Both the exams; IELTS General and IELTS Academic are conducted simultaneously. The structure of the exams remains similar whereas two of the modules Reading & Writing differ from each other in both the test.